Books that Tell You can be Successful without College Degrees…

1) Think and Grow Rich

My favourite book for Personal productivity and Development…

This book sights many examples of man with outstanding Success without College education such as Henry Ford,Thomas Edison,Andrew Carnegie and many more.

2) Rich Dad Poor Dad


One of my favourite books.An amazing book by Robert Kiyosaki. This book will provide the practical knowledge on how money Works.It includes the difference between the attitude of Rich and Poor towards Money.In addition to this,it defines the real Asset and Liability for any individual.Anyone without a formal education can easily understand.Must read.

3) Connect the Dots


This book is from the IIM Ahemdabad alumni Rashmi Bansal.It contains the success story those who don’t have any MBA degree still over passing those who have.It Will inspire to one and all.

This is not to let anyone with a college degree down.I am writing this post to change the perception we have About Correlation between success and education.I am with college degree and many certificates still I am writing this to state that Anyone can reach peak without any qualifications.India is prime Example of it.

Thank you…

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