Things only book readers understands

Here is something for the people like me – Book readers…

1) Smelling New Books


We book readers have a habit of smelling & sniffing a book before it is read.

It provides us a great sensation which leads to a special Bond.

2) BookMark are precious

A book marker is one thing that cannot be priced in anyway.They are special because it ease your task by marking the page and line where you left last time.

Nowadays,Bookmarks are available in many varieties.

3) Making Your day


Some books are so interesting and inspiring that it takes you to a Whole new journey.It cut off you from all the happenings around the world.

4) Books are Addiction


Some books are so much addictive that it attract you and make you read it longer than the usual.Even some chapters are so appealing that you come back many times on it.

5) Life Teachers


If you don’t have any life advisor then books are the right thing to approach.It is hidden treasure that is collected by experiences of any other intellect.

6) Sometimes It makes you fall Asleep


Yeah… Sometimes books helps you soothe your sense and ultimately leading you to a restful sleep.Oftentimes this Sleep are very rejuvenating than the usual sleep.

7) Books Affects Your Mood And Behaviour 


Slowly and steadily books starts to create a definite patterns in your brain so that your behaviour is influence and habits are formed due to imprints made in the subconscious mind.

7) Yellow page book is more Lucrative than White one


White Page book is a boring as experienced by many readers,there must be some scientific reason behind it.Yellow page is simply attractive.

Thank You…


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