IPL Days

As Indians we all love the game of cricket.Indeed only game that all we watch on television and talk of.

I am going to write my experience as an intern in Indian Premier League.

It was a time when CSK and RR were ruled out of the IPL due to Match Fixing incidents.Rajkot was luckiest to get IPL venue as Ahemdabad Cricket stadium was under reinnovation.

One day when we were in the class,a sir came and asked me and other fellow mate to meet him after the classes gets over.

After the class we went to meet the sir,sir told pick any three students of your own choice that has skills to communicate for IPL volunteering.I told entire class instead of of few students.We all went to ground that day after college.

All were selected for IPL volunteer works.There was No screening for the selection purpose.All were happy to be part of.

More than 30 guy were selected for First season for Gujarat lion and 25 them from Atmiya.

Things that Happened as a intern in IPL:

1) Access 

You get access to go anywhere in the stadium except in the green field where player plays and boundary boards places.With the ID card provided you just roam anywhere in group performing a little bit duty.
2) Duties

Canteen Management,Security Prompting,Anti-ambush and Hospitality.Generally supervising the duty of the ground staff.Hardly any intern does the duty.

3) Photographs

We got a opportunity to take a photo with the players of Gujarat Lions with freedom and time.

We can also have the photograph with the team owners.

4) Unlimited Drinks 

You just show the identity card at office and you can grab bottles of energy drink And soft drinks.

5) Time

Requirement 4 hours prior to the ground.Hardly people reach at time.We just come just an hour before Match timings.

6) T-shirt

Get an Gujarat Lions T-shirt as a part of the procedure.Interns never put that T-shirt on matches.We are in the IPL to watch matches not for duty😂.

7) Corruption

IPL is full of loopholes and corruption involved outside the Cricket match.Black marketing tickets,over priced food tag,Internal politics pays,etc

8) Food

Best part of the IPL was having the best food from best restaurants chefs of the city at ground such as Fern,tgb to name a few.The best way to enjoy this food was in private corporate box with AC and the TV.

9) Flag / Signage

The way we people distribute the Flag and Signage was not less than any comedy show.Screaming and throwing the bunch of board anywhere from top stands of ground.

10) Event Team

They are not able to manage events and us.They even don’t have coordination among their team members how to expect work from us.Although elders from all of us,We call them by the name…😉

Finally you will get this…

We act as we are doing favor for them.😂
I missed this IPL Days as these days are not going to come back anytime in the rest of the life.

….Thank You…

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