Funniest Client in a Digital Marketing Career 

There are some clients who are actually not the client but they approach you for the task that cannot be Fulfilled.

Here is list of craziest type of people you will come across as a digital Marketer.

1) Kids

Some teen-agers will call you and straight away asks you are speaking from Facebook?

Lol….I said No.They will ask you how to recover Facebook account after forgetting the password.
2) College Guys

Once a guy called me to ask that I want to create Email IDs.
I told I can help you on the phone.He asked me I want to create more email IDs.I asked How many?

He told in lacs.

I said it’s not possible,your IP address is always on the check.It isn’t possible for me and for any guy anywhere.

3) Job Aspirant 

They will call you and ask you if there is any job vacancy in your firm.You have to tell yes there is always a vacancy for the desirable candidate.
Then I asked about their qualifications,they answers shamelessly that they have done Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.


4) Event Planners

These people will call you that we have seen your advertisement on Google so we want to ask you that do you do online marketing?
I said yes.What are you looking for then?

They replied about the entire event,date,time,place,capacity and how it’s going to be successful.

I asked then what’s my need?

They will tell How much money is required to test a advertisement on Facebook.

I asked the budget,they told we just want to check whether it’s really possible to get crowd from Facebook.

I told you can reach your target audience exactly.They don’t believe it anyways.

They will call you and ask you to post advertisement for few passes.😉


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