Don’t Loose Your Individuality 

Sounds awkward…

Every person on this planet earth is unique.I am different from rest of the world.You as well are different from the rest of the World.

Even the twins are different in minute measurements such as fingerprints,nail shape and size,etc.

No two individuals in entire earth population of 7 billion have same Fingerprints.

Have you observed Successful People,you might see that they are themselves and they are admired by mass just for that reason.

We all follow celebrity,cricketers and business Tycoons via social media,television and books.Admiring and following is totally different thing.

Admiring refers to the praise you give for any sort of work a individual does in his or her field,while following refers to inculcating and emulating the character of any particular person.

The problem is the world today due to social media is that we are competing and comparing ourselves with the rest of the world without knowing the actual facts and reference standard.

I came across this quote few days ago on Facebook.This quote is worth mentioning in every school syllabus because it’s harsh reality of today’s contemporary society.

If you ask me What is social media?

My definition of social media is that :

If you aren’t paying for product or service,you are the product being sold.Read twice,Think Thrice..

People want to show their side who actually they aren’t to those people who aren’t real either.

A special type of fools are those who fall into a relationship through social media without any real meeting and dating.😉

One day you suddenly realise that you aren’t what people thinks you are.You start feeling guilty,then you start criticizing yourself for the past act you did.These becomes an endless cycle.

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