How to Remain Fit at Zero Cost ?

Here are the things that will make you fit and enjoy your day if you spend some time in doing any of this or combination.

1) Drink Lots of water in the morning

clean-clear-cold-416528 (2).jpg

Just after waking up in the morning,drink a big glass of water or two.It will help you to get rid of your laziness.It will stimulate your metabolism and provides zest after a long rest.

2) Stretching


Do it for atleast for 2 minutes daily,once in the morning and one in the evening.It will elevate your mood in matter of minutes.

3) Chew your food Thoroughly 


Some Yogi says chewing your food well is a form of meditation because mind is consumed in one particular thing for a shorter duration of time.

Check This Out

4) Walking 

walk-2635038_1920 (1).jpg

Walking is proven way to get relaxed and energized.Those who walks needs no form of other exercise.Walking Twice a day will improve your entire digestive system.It also reduces anxiety.

5) Fruits

Eat at least two fruits daily as it’s a major source of good sugar called glucose and sucrose.It lift ones mood and contain lots of fibre and good amino acids that gives combo benefits of mind and body.It instantly provides energy in the body.

6) Padmaasan


Yoga is boring for many of people because they want instant results and improper lifestyle.The only posture I insist that will benefit most number of people if done in right manner.It is good for both mind as well as the body.
If you want to be at peak when it comes to your health Avoid the below list:

1) Chilled Water

2) Refined Flour

3) Refined Oil

4) Artificial Sugar

We all know this still it is good to mention good things.

Thank You…

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