Types of People You meet at Marraige Function 

We all love big fat Indian Wedding…This is for all out there love the marraige season…

This blog is just for entertainment purpose.

We meet almost all type of people at a wedding functions…

1) Guys Wearing Sports Shoes..


This people are special edition people manufactured by God.

2) Guys Asking for Faaki


Numerous guys just attend the function just to ask for this stuff…They want before eating and they want it after meal as well..

Best thing about these guys are they are generally silent just because of the stuff inside the mouth.

3) Guys Wearing Oversized Clothes 



Generally clothes rented or borrowed from friends without checking the size.

4) Boasting Guys


These people are show makers of the event.People listen,nods and believe anything these guys is talking of.Basically speaks something about the people that are far relatives who has done something great,Not them.

5) Selfies Queens 


Spare them…

6) Drunken Guys


People who dance in funniest fashion possible on any kind of song.There moves are according the amount of alcohol intoxicated.I love to watch them,not their Family members.People sometimes dance on sound of generator or when music is off.
7) Pretenders 


These people just pretend that they are managing whole function.This people sometimes over-behave and becomes target for joke makers.

8) Starring Guys


You might be one of them.😂This guys look out for every Girl or woman passing from their side.They just sit and never participate in any ceremony.

9) Dance Specialist 


A Flamboyant Girl who get all the attention because of her dance and beauty.This girls remains in your memory for very long.She will be the reason that You wait for the Videos and photos of the event.😉

10) Guys holding their Car Keys out


I feel pity for this Guys.I think they are more innocent than others and less matured.

11) Gamers


These guys are ones who play team games on mobile like mini militia,clash of clans,etc…They just enjoy the game not ceremonies.


…Thank You…

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