Reasons Why I admire Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan the name is enough. People call him Mr.Perfectionist… Truly a perfectionist.

We all have seen his makeover for each movie from Ishq,sarfaroz,Rang de basanti,PK,3 idiots,etc…First guy to cross 100,200,and 300 crore club for the very first time.I admire his makeover and physique for each role in different movie.

I want to talk beyond all this Bollywood stuffs,where he showed guts against the giants for the society.

1) Supporting Narmada Villagers protest

Who cares for the local community those do not have power to raise the voice against so called powerful Gujarati political party.Even he don’t have any connections and personal intension involved in the mass settlement issue,still showed the audacity to support against these huge settlements step taken by government of Gujarat just by promise and no compensation.

His Movie Fanna has to vanished from all the screens of Gujarati and majority in Maharashtra and MadhyaPradesh.

) Talk of Intolerance

Only gutsy in the Bollywood to speak on the issue.The Media itself is telling the Intolerance level in India.We all love our Country,even Aamir khan does.He invoke just a issue that each parent would have to look for some day in the life.

Aamir admitted that he don’t own any property in foreign country.So he definitely planned to move out of the country sooner.All great celebrities in the Bollywood owns property overseas.

He intact is truly Indian,he is seen in support for Indian cricket team but never for IPL.

3) He immensely Deserves Awards for Acting

Even Aamir has lots of super hit box office movies in his bucket.His acting in few movies are just phenomenal.But he is never seen in any award function.There are two reasons for this firstly,awards distribution is pre-decided & Secondly,He still know that best is yet to come and wants stardum and work to be separated.

4) Aamir‘s Tweet to Sunny Leone

Can you recall this incident.If not,i will tell you what actually happened.

On main news media stream Sunny Leone was being interviewed by the journalist.

Suddenly in the mid-interview Interviewer asked sunny Leone that Do you think aamir Khan like celebrity would ever do a movie with you knowing your past profession.Would he say yes to work with you.

Suddenly the media was taken by the Aamir just by a single tweet.This was the Aamir Khan’s instant tweet to Sunny Leone that “Say yes,I am ready to Do Movie anytime”.

This reveals that aamir has humanity in himself.He did this because he felt that the interviewer should not ask such a question on national television.He felt for Sunny Leone and it take guts to tweet especially in India where it’s hard to utter against main stream Media.Actual text tweet is this-

Indians should be inspired from this great personality.He is true Indian.Instead of Criticize look at the grievance of the situation.
Are we Indian Fools.? How can a celebrity from brand endorsement if he speak a truth about happenings in our country.

Atleast support the True People.

I respect you Mr Aamir Khan.


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