My Mind Wonders…?

This are the questions that arise in my mind from somewhere….

Why people forward Negative News on Whatsapp?


Why people make husband wife joke?

 Why people drink?

Why to many people waste their time to take revenge from a person whom they were befriend in the past?

Why female go to beauty Parlour just to look Scary than Beautiful?

Why people feels proud while smoking and eating Mava?

Why friends don’t ask anything in return?

On what basis people accept request on Facebook?

Why preity zinta never look aged?

On What basic people Ignore the request on Facebook?

Why people wants to go to heaven?

Why people seems to be happy only on Social Media?

Why everyone in Luxury cars appears to be happy?

Why people spend too much of their hard earned money to have a distance glimpse of Justin Bieber?😂Beliebers…

Why people Compares Dhoni and Kohli although they have a decade of difference in the Game?

Why People Scare and Beat Child?
Why friends help,support and seems rascals at the same time?

Why people read love story and create fantasy based on that Fictional story?

How can Mahendra Singh Dhoni remains so calm when Everyone think that Winning is Impossible?

Why people watch TV series that create attitude of Doubts and Fear?

Why TV News channels want to TRP for Rapes and Crimes?

Why your heart is taken away by a certain stranger person whom you never met Just seen in a Wedding function?

Why people won’t allow kids to play cricket in the street?

Why Love Happens from Nowhere?

Why to marry when you are independent and happy with friends and family?

Why a digital marketer consider him an internet Spy?

On what basis do People Marry?

Why a Rich cheater Accepted in the society?

Why people go to Temple and still looks miserable?

Why do people go to God?

How can you have faith in God when you don’t have Faith in yourself?

Why do girls find something cute in someone who is rich?

Why people stuff food without enjoying it?

Why don’t you have an attitude of gratitude when you have almost everything?

What drives a broken heart to do extremes things?

Why people pull the legs in anyone’s initiatives?

Why do people stands between when they don’t wanna play Garba?

Why people drag the chair instead of Lifting?

Why do people what and on what basis they Vote?

Why people drink in India?

Why do fools are full of confidence and Intelligents full of Doubts?

Do you marry someone on basis of Type of person or what his family possess?

Why do parents compare their children with the others?

Why people in US are interested in UFO?

How can you expect people to like your company if you don’t like your own company?

Why people go to bed and wakeup with the phone?

Why people act Brutally against Innocent animals?

For whom your existence matters the most?

Why people are out there on Social Media just to cheat anyone Randomly?

Why people want to make money without earning it?

Why people Buy things to show the people they hate?

Why people befooled by Baba’s easily?

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