What can Books do For You

“Books are mans Best friends”

Truly said…

Books can take you to another world.

As a student I was not at all interested in reading anything.I hardly read even the syllabus books.

I passed all the college exams with good scores just by using Black and blue pen.T he university people looks for the better presentation than the content.

But when it comes to reading I just hate it in the past.

As I was in last semester of my bachelor’s degree in management,I was preparing for IELTS exams simultaneously.For Those who don’t Know IELTS is about International English Language Testing System.So I have to start reading something or the other as I cannot afford to get less score in IELTS.It is Mandatory for overseas Education.

So I started reading something from the books that my coaching institute provided.I start reading some essay in that just a one page essays.It seems interesting and was completed within few minutes.So I was busy in IELTS one of my teacher from College told me to start reading some books.

So I ordered some books from Amazon and flipkart where the books are comparatively low in price than the book stores in the city.

I read the first book named Rich Dad poor dad in matter of few days.It was about taking control of Financial aspects your life.It is written in easy and understandable English and I recommend it to all.It is knowledgeable and interesting at the same time.

Then I started reading Who Moved my Cheese.It was about the change that is inevitable.So in business and life there will Change from job,relationship,people and Business.So you have to cope up with the changes to sustain.It was finished in a single day,infact in an hour or two.

Then I took a fictional books named as Life is What you Make It.A story that is basically a love story.I find it entertaining rather than useful in professional life.I think Women will like this books than Man.

Then another book Think and Grow Rich.The author of the book is Napoleon hill.The best book till date.It took author 25 years of research,experimentation and interviews to prepare the first philosophy on personal Achievement.As the name suggests this book deals with guiding you to a successful personal & business endeavors.Must read and repeat.

Then the biggest challenge came in life the GMAT.It stands for Graduate Management Admission Test.This test is for aspirant who is seeking MBA abroad and that too in reputed universities.

It shattered my ego like anything.Being a ranker in college seem useless.This Exam is very tough.It is like CAT exam of India.The course is very lengthy and English used in the examination will break the hearts of scholar.For vocabulary you must read daily English newspaper and journals and must have mobile dictionary with you.

So I was reading all kind of stuff from. Technology,scociology,anthropology,psychology,history to the trivial type of the topics such as reef in the ocean.I scored 450 in the Mock test and Finally scored 550 in the next.I left my home to prepare for this exam,far away from family,friends and the events that bother me.

But this exam lower down my self-esteem,prestige and burned down ego.Lot of things I learned from this experience.

Although I have to cancel my overseas studies plan due to personal reasons.

I came back home,i was clueless about my life.All dreams and aspirations were vanished in a matter of moments.

Then I got some responsibilities from family owned educational institute.It was Gujarati medium school where I just go to sit in the office and do nothing.

Again I started reading books.It helped me to recover from the shock I got after cancellation of MBA abroad.This books started giving me relieve from outer world.

I want to list out some of the benefits I personally experienced by reading books-

1) Reduce tension and stress 


2) It will take you to the another imaginary world

3) Helps to overcome setbacks and failure of life


4) It can cut all source of retreat from external world.


5) Induce good sleep


6) Arouse enthusiasm 


7) Broader your opinion about the world


8) Exploration of different Place and people 

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9) Improve your overall English 


10) Helps you gain control over your Thoughts 


11) Makes you wake Up


Give it a try…

12) Can Change your mental pattern overtime

13) Develop Your Imagination 


Give it a try.It takes a minute or two.

14) Experience the Inexperienced place,person and Emotions


It can take you literally anywhere with anyone sometimes.

It can Arouse feelings and emotions as per the content.

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