What singles can do that Committed Can’t..

This blog is just for the purpose of entertainment.

I have deep respect for both the singles and the people who are truly committed.

1) Multiple Crush 😉

Yeah.There is no limit for this.But generally single have a one Crush and one that is beyond the reach such as celebrity.In addition for a guy he can have Crush on someone who might be six seven years older(Bachelor girl).

2) Spends Lot for oneself 


A single can shop for himself all he wants.Singles generally don’t run out of money.Single can have entire spending on oneself that would be of course not possible in a relationship.I am talking about the money spend on datings and dinners.

3) Least time on Phone 

If you want to find anyone’s status just look after him for two straight days.


Singles have less habit of calling and checking their phone.Exceptions would be the game-addicts.

4) Generally spends entire time with Random friends 


Singles are more outspoken and in the market as they have to pass their time that they got in excess by not having to spare time as in case of committed ones.They meet more than one group of people on daily basis.

5) They eat Anywhere 


As they are Least concerned of what the outsider thinks and especially if he being caught by his partner or acquaintances of the partner.Single eat Anywhere and anything they like.

6) Abusive Language 


I don’t know whether it’s good or not.But people who are single speaks more abusive language than the committed ones.

7) Chaos


They can create chaos in the classroom if they are the college.You cannot do if your partner is in the class or in the same department of the college.

8) Smile 

Best thing about singles is they smile a lot as compared to committed ones.


Committed seems to be the beggars of appreciation from their partners.That’s why social media is popular for them.

9) They check-in Anywhere 

Have you seen a committed guy check-in of some trivial place.No.He can’t because of the fact that he might be bombarded with lots of questions from his Partner.

Single check-in at places like Mama no Madh,Jooni Bordi,Nikava,Moto Vadlo…😂

10) Single Licks the Cone Upper Cap


This is my personal observation,single enjoys eating like a child.They don’t care about the world.They are theirselves.

11) Triple Ride

Committed guys Generally feels shy and avoid the triple ride on a two wheeler.


Single even ride with four people on a poor single bike.

12) Enjoy Events Fully

Just dance in craziest possible manner is a sign of single.Single people can do Naagin Dance on anyone wedding..


They stays till the event ends just because they enjoy and no one is waiting to chat or call at late night.


Thank You…

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