Exam Prep Tips for Collegians 

Firstly who am I to tell you or give any advice.I am a ordinary student in terms of academics but Extraordinary when it comes to scoring in exams.I am just an average student.

This blog is just to help ordinary average students like me.

1)Main headings are Of Utmost Importance

Paper Checkers hardly check the Things written inside,except first question.

2) You don’t get marks for what you read,you get Marks for what you Write

Everyone can makes stories,sometimes appreciated by the checker.

Empty papers are always punished.

One of my professor told me I don’t mark your spelling errors just because your writing is good.

3) Presentation is More Important than the Content

It appeals nicely to the paper Checker

4) Use Black and Blue Pens,Pencils

It adds creativity to your answer sheet.

People loves to see the paper with some table,diagram and centre Bold letter headings.Paper checker is one of them.

5) Relax in the test class till time ends

It helps to release dopamine and helps you Remain in the classroom till end and during exam you can often laugh against your stressed friends.I t will make your Happy.Trust me and try.

6) Be prepared Mentally

It’s important because paper are not hard after its completed unless you are a girl who cries even for a single mark.

7) Sleep Well

Sleeping well a night before exam will definitely reflect in your performance.Mobile phone and Sleep are worst bed fellows.
Here is one of my recognition which a received just by applying the above mentioned principles.

It is one of the many and I admit that this is not to boast about Myself because I consider that exams are nothing more than just a remembrance that you were a student some day.

Thank you… I am Hopeful that it will help you..😃

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