Craziest Things I did in College days

Being a Back benchers You are around people who create chaos and disturbance in the classroom…

I will take you to entire college life that’s worth remember…

I am a proud backbencher…

1) Singing a Song in the classroom 

At a time,when the movie chello divas was released there was a trend in the classroom to sing.

We have sing this song ‘Badan pe sitare…’ Lol…:)
2) Eating during Lectures 

That’s the most common among all the students across the country..

Our appetite starts appealing as soon as teacher starts delivering lecture.
3) Going to washroom after every Lectures 

It was a special time pass for us…

There is a saying that the best friend is who comes with you to the restroom even if he doesn’t wants to pee…

4) Going to drink Mineral water from Staffroom 

Yeah the mineral water jug placed inside the Staffroom gives you a pleasant feeling than ordinary tap water from RO tank..
5) Whistling in Corridor to call Someone 

That’s the language your friend zone understand easily..

6) Pulling out Notice from Notice Board

It’s illegal and unethical as well but I participated in such act…

It also takes courage to do it when you know there are many whistle blowers moving around you who have mastered in butter polishing.

7) Parking Vehicle near to our College Building 

Unlike everyone,sometimes I park my vehicle near Atmiya School telling That we are having an office work in administration department..
8) Playing in Preschool Garden 

We play in the preschool garden of Atmiya School.We used the saw and the slide of Innocent kids.

We were requested many times to avoid these things.
9) Bringing ‘Cleaning In Progress ‘ Board to your Classroom Door

This is what our mind creativity starting taken action when our teacher send you out of the class without a reason.

10Taking photos In the corridor 

This was also against the norms of the institute,but me and my friends were busy in Creating Memories..

Asking classmates Who hired him/her?

Quite Understandable
12) Discussing Teacher’s Salary

Again quite Understandable

Coming late in the Classroom with Most Wonderful Excuse

It includes

-“Chaavi bhulaay gay hati Bike ma”

-“Savar kundla thi Up-Down Karu chhu”


-“Bus late”

The most cracking one was

-“Swamiji ne malva gaya hata”
14) Helping Juniors in the exam

15) Taking GTU Exam Barcode stickers in dozens at home

16) Entering Library with shoes on

I feel sorry about that it’s happened once with me…I was unaware and it was entirely a coincidence..

17) Taking photos of Professors 

18) Coming college without bag

I am not in this act but certainly my classmates in numbers came without a bag….Insane…!

19) Bringing answer sheet from Staffroom to use a notebook 

I don’t know whether it’s a stealing or not,but I have to accept I did it…

I have many at my home currently…

20) Marking present of students When I got a Attendance Sheet

Once I got a Attendance Sheet of one of the teacher I marked present of that particular day and the days before as my friends were just visitors.

This act was caught by Girl,but I was not.


21) Bunking Library lectures & Going to Canteen..

22) Eating snacks in the ATM..

Yeah…I and my friends did it.

Anyways the ATM was not operating Correctly,but the Air Conditioner was in perfect condition.We have placed chairs there and enjoyed cool breeze.No matter whomsoever comes there they just start laughing…Shameless ppl…

23)  Paid 500 Rupees fine For Using Mobile Phone in Classroom 

I have to admit this.It was my bad…

That day I learned that using mobile in Class is not a crime but being caught using mobile phone is a crime.
24) Knocking Other Class Doors and windows during Real Lectures 

Again something not to be proud of…

This is something you can do when you and your friends are very naughty and courageous at the same time..

25) Making Rumours about the Teachers/Event 

Sorry to Say this…

26) Making others Cheat in exam

Not boasting about myself but I have never cheated in exam but I have made Contribution to others to cheat in the exams.

27) Attending the other department Events

This is must because I love events and the performance.I like and appreciate the performance and performers.I t takes practice and courage to do so.

Beyond our Aatman,I have Witnessed Events such as Avsar and Engineering event as well.I find Avsar as amazing.

27) Gave an Address Speech to Juniors at Fresher’s Party 

It was an amazing experience as well.I worked and practised with dedication.And a whole politics was that I told my friend and my juniors to applause it in prior.

Again something that’s not ideal to do…;)

28) Encouraging Juniors to Do something That is not Acceptable act

-Demanding for new uniform

-The Exact expenditure of Fresher’s Party

29) Received a Certificate From Mighty Swamiji 

This was the most proudest moment for me to cherish for life time.

This certificate was for the grades I got in GTU exam.Feeling happy about it.

30) Screaming in Auditorium 

Again not at all acceptable behavior again.

My crazy friends and juniors were having their prominent hand in it,more than I involved in it.

31) Watched a Complete Movie In Auditorium 

Our whole class got this opportunity to watch a movie in the grand auditorium of the college.It was organized by Joshi sir.
32) Attended Yoga class In Auditorium 

Only for the MAM student this yoga session were organized.I participated in all the class.I enjoyed.I learned a lot from that..
33) Gave IELTS MOCK test at College 

Again this was also an significant experience of the college.It was organized by Joshi sir.

34) Social Visit 

Yes this is important as well.

We have done two social visit and both in mentally challenged home /school.I coordinated the Last one.

This visits teach you about the feeling of Gratitude about what you have.

35) Cricket team

We had a lot of time during the GTU sports meet.Atmiya reached the semifinals and lost against the VVPs.Again something to cherish about.

36) Har Har Mahadev

Gathering all the students junior,super juniors to scream “Namo parvate pate Har Har Mahadev har” loudly in the corridor.

Just a speechless experience and fun.

36) Using Lift

Lift is only to commute for staff members,but I have done this as well.

37) Visiting Terrace 

As tmfor the last semester we got calssroom at the topmost floor of the building.

We used to go to terrace and have some beautiful snaps.

With fun comes the warning from the department who looks after the discipline and right conduct of the college.I call them Mobile Snatcher…;)

38) Hiding Shoes of friends 

It happened with me.And I did same for the friends as well.

This experience however would give you feeling of embarrassment.

39) Distinguishing between Teachers and clerks 

This was the one of the favourite hobby of all boys of the classroom.

Time factor vanishes when this topic comes into play.

40) Gathering at Farm house

Friends gathering at Farm house was the most sincere way of wasting time.

All the boy gather at place to have some Photography and just discussing where to go for dinner.
41) Pushing my friend in other Class during Lectures 

Funniest as it read…My innocent friends you cannot ever get rid of my naughtiness.

The more funnier it becomes when the class in which I pushed my friend starts laughing out loud.

Remember baava(nickname)…?

42) Proxy filling 

We all do..

43) Annual day Celebration by Atmiya Campus

This was the first and last time that college organize this event.There was lot of chaos in the crowd.Crowd dancing crazily when performance was going on the stage.To handle the crowd the police officials has to come and control this dancing crowd.

Crowd launched the high flying paper planes which ends up landing on the main stage.

It remember each and every moments of this day.It was on Valentine’s day 2016.

44) Farewell Day

The farewell which was organized by us for us,with no Juniors in it.Rofl.

Ghanteshwar Park it was where we received our farewell from ourselves.

Thanks that some teachers participated in this function.

I remember classmates dancing and playing Garba from bunch of boys throwing a teaching member in the air in disco-theque.

Then the most important the last group photo of classroom where you have a space as little as point..😉

45) Dean’s Surprising Questions 

Once I and one of my friends were caught creating nuisance in the classroom and called by Dean to the office.

When entered asked the name of the subjects in the semester.

My friend was not able to answer the question.I Did it.

This infuriated Dean and ask for my attendance,again it was over 90 percent.Two minutes silence…

46) Bunking the class for Weekend House

Boys and the unity of boys of my classroom was unmatchable.We bunk in dozen and in a single group.

The day when class was occupied with girls only.

Lake View Was just awesome place to be there.Watching Cricket match & movies in friend zone is absolutely breathtaking.I remember weired things that guys do in the pool and shower area – Awkward Photography.I remember the guy performing Poll Dance.

47) Cricket Match with Juniors

We played lots of Cricket match versus junior.Winning Ratio was just the same.

The Cricket match where all the players were captaining the side and that too from both team.

48) Restricted For a day

Someday I and other four fellow mates were called to office as a result of a teacher complaining that a guy whistled in the Classroom.

How can anyone call backbenchers just if they cannot identify who did it?

We were called in the office.Dean asked tell me who did it ? I will spare it.

Are we fool..!We didn’t answer for 15 minutes.

Sir told you all are detained for unstated time period.We were helpless.And admitting among 5 of us no one whistled.

On next day we all receive call from CR to come and attend the lectures.

49) Washroom fun

Pushing my friend against ****** basin.A nd vice-versa.

Once I was locked down by my friends and was showered from Outside.All Idiots.

50) Playing Drums and Tabla on Desk

We all became musicians when we feel bore in the classroom.

51) Punishment 

Yeah… Although it’s not a school we got school like Punishment such as writing something for 3 times or standing at the backside of the classroom.

52) Night out after Exam Gets over

This was formality of the boys of MAM.After completion of exams we spend night eating,playing,travelling.

53 )I remember being caught by police for playing HIDE & SEEK at TGM.

54) Going Gondal to have Snacks inside the Marketing yard at 3.30 at night.

55)Racing while travelling.What a wonderful day it was.

57)Giving name of Ashapura Farms at TOLL booth to avoid toll tax.

58) Illegal Entries to classroom,staffroom,auditorium hall.

1534879_737393746309632_3687995848873519326_o10616404_745791738803166_8675620058420220180_n10689566_764186156963724_3717667653983382463_n14356_771118876270452_4862477613421574217_n11895105_866718443377161_5050329409411277576_o11145170_866719440043728_3659304768124647786_o12001048_866721713376834_7427056298860827782_o11021372_777904642258542_4012842602059994595_o (1)

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