The Sentiments of a family when bride’s leaves after marriage

I have a hobby to go round the corners of the city,especially in Search of palatable Food.One day in a search for a restaurant for one of my hungry friends we went to a well known hotel for midnight buffet.The name of the restaurant was Ambrasia located inside the hotel the comfort inn,near Limbda Chowk Rajkot.

As I had already taken my dinner,i was there just to give company to a hungry friend and have some chit chat will he takes his dinner.

Then I suddenly observed that a group of people,almost hundred in number were having there dinner as Well.It was some treat offered by the bride family to the groom side guests.

I came to realize that all the tables in the restaurant were bit noisier except one.I didn’t have a single hint about the reason.Looking at the people on that table I got a hint that something is fishy.I got a feeling that they were not upset with the other guests but some other thing was resonating in their mind.I kept on observing.

After a while all the guests finished their dinner and proceeding toward the exit gate of the restaurant.The table that seems to awkward had hardly ate anything.They stood up with the guest.

Then I heard a unclear voice from a man from the table,which I thought was odd from the rest “Beta Call karta Rejo”.It means dear daughter keep calling to remain in touch.The voice was so emotional that all the people in surrounding got emotional as well.It was the bride’s father who was asking to remain in touch.Then the daughter ran to her father and hugged him very tightly.Both were in heavy tears.And the sentiments of father and other family members burst out.Looking such an event at hotel even the masculine looking guests couldn’t stop their emotions flowing around.Guests start assuring that we have Social media to connect, this and that.I realized that the couple is going to settle somewhere far,maybe abroad.

Even the the Waiter and the serving staff were stunned in silence.The huge corridor with big crowd witness the Absolute Silence.I and my Friend were also left with silence and serenity.Even we were speechless for minutes.I ask myself why I and others felt and driven away by the emotions.

It was already late at night around 12.I reached home.I got the answer of the query I got few moments earlier.I got the lessons and reason why I was there.The reason was to have lesson of life.

That night I realized it’s very hard for any girl irrespective of any caste,religion,and custom that she has to leave one day.One day she needs to live everything behind.Everything means everything.From the home that she born,the parents, who brought her up,sibblings,friends and colony where she had all her childhood memories.Everything will change in her life the day she gets married.That midnight I gave assurance to my own self that at least I would give respect to a girl who will leave for me.I hope that other Boys should have broader perspective and think in terms of partners.It seems easy to us but definitely not for them.This incident change my viewpoint of the rituals and their consequences which we(Men) ignored.
And the Matter of fact is that I witnessed this event on the international Women’s Day.

It Seems that it was something bound to happen before my family starts bride-hunt for me.

Hopefully this articulation of the real incident will change the way we look at the things.

Thank you…Enjoy… Happy to share such things with you…:)

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