Why GMAT is Toughest Exam?

Here are the reasons why the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the toughest exam on the Planet.

1) It’s Computer Adaptive Test


Those who don’t know for every correct answer you mark the GMAT test will automatically adapt to your skill and provide you more difficult question.

If the test seems easy than you are definitely going to score low.

2) Analytical Reasoning

3) Analytical Writing Assessment


Both the above mentioned is the section of 40 minute that is just to make you exhaust.The Least concerned part of the exam is taken prior to important sections.Graphs and tables will take away your mental energies.

4) Quantitative Aptitude


More than maths it takes your logic and the hidden link identification to answer the correct option.Science students can handle this portion by enough practice.

5) Verbal Section


The last section which is considered the toughest verbal part compared with other exams including CAT & XAT entrance test.

7) You gotta only 90 seconds


Anyone can answer questions if GMAT provide 130 seconds but it is not the case.

8) 10 Minutes Optional Break


For 4 hours of continuous examination GMAT provides only 10 minutes of break where test examiner accompany you in the rest room as well.

9) No Calculator


GMAT gives clear indication that if you need calculator for nay question than you are definitely going wrong.

10) Complete Silence


Not a single word you can utter during this 4 hours.You need someone to talk but on a certain day you will be the only one taking test in the test centre.

11) It cost you Very Dear


It cost you around 20 thousand to appear for the Test.There is no discount and no refund policy.

12) Mock test are not free


Mock test even can cost you around a college semester fee.

13) 5 Option


Other exams have 4 option but 5th option takes your more time to evaluate and mark the correct one.The fifth option is the most notorious option.

14) GMAT Hides the Correct answer


GMAT tries to hide the correct answer as much as possible by rephrasing and rearranging the correct answer in different way.

15) Try to Sell you wrong Answer


GMAT try to intimidate with you a good correct looking answer but probability is going for the wrong answer.


Thank You…

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