What Majority of Local Newspapers Print ?

There are two type of people in India -one who reads newspaper daily and the other Busy in getting Success.

You never see Lamborghini Advertisement in Newspaper and Television.

You can be twice successful than you are right now if you just stop reading newspaper.

The best way to waste your time,energy and money is by Reading Local Newspaper.

Only Newspaper I respect is The Hindu.The reason behind my praise for The Hindu is that it doesn’t print the trivial stuff and the only unpaid newspaper.This is true fact.Go and lookout on Google or check yourself.T he shortcoming of the Hindu is that it is published in English only.

Those who brag about Times of India are just fools in my opinion.Firstly times of India is not an Indian press,they are making millions from paid form of advertisement.Secondly it is fully paid by the ruling political party of our country.I accept the Speaking tree is the best spiritual guide attached with the name of Times of India.

Here are the worst & trivial things Published by Local Newspapers:

1) Extortion and Bribe News


2) PM Went to US


3) Salman Khan Verdict 


4) PM suits Cost

5) Road Accidents

6) Suicide and Murders

7) Stone Killer


8) Scams


9) Bank & ATM Loots


10) Bankruptcy and Accused Ran Away


11) China Captured Part of India


12) Preventing Pakistani Artist


13) Subsidy Cancelled


14) Increase Tax and Changes


15) False Claims by Politician


16) Full fledge RIP Offerings


17) Police Mafia Giri


18) S*x Scandals


19) Paper Leak


20) Baba Frauds & Arrest warrants


21) Market Falls


22) Scams


23) Rape


24)  Bharat Bandh


These are the things we read and that too in the early morning when our Mind is fresh to absorb the Information.

This develops resentment in the readers’ mind and the outrage of anger is shown in their professional work or at family.This is real phenomena.Your resentment will need some output to show up.This can result in chain of anger from one to many.
Suppose these all happens,but there are thousands of good things happen but never printed in the newspaper.I have seen many people helping other stranger without any conditions.I feed a hungry child on Street today but Media will look for the bloody news of road accidents and quarrels. I am Not telling I want credit but the point is that they just injecting bad news to get people’s attention.

It is basic human tendency that negative gets into mind easily as compared to positive.

For instance I tell you you are Beautiful you will start doubting but if I tell you you look worst then you will start believing.That is a basic Human Psychology.

I have read American newspaper New York Times once one day at airport.It was full of economy and startup news.It was filled with financial news and the future prediction of market and Globalisation aspects.No Politics,No Accidents,No rapes,nothing.That day I realised that why India is behind in terms of Luxury and Abundance opportunities.

Instead of negative news,the newspaper should be written down with the news of Start-up,Incubators,Technological development,Social work,Innovation,Young Minds,Youth development Programs all these with the support of government and Experts.

At least if this is not possible,you can avoid newspaper.Read Good Books or play with a kid.I can say with conviction that your life will change.

…Thank You…

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