It’s special to be a Science Student 

You take science just because you got over 75% in 10th Board Exams.I did the same.

I was having no idea about which stream to opt for after 10th standard.

But it all depends on how people around you influence and talk.Every one told me take science looking my Grade.Anyways it was the same whether it’s science or commerce.

I stay in class as science student and I played games in the ground as Commerce students.

Hardly people identify me as a science student.Even I don’t fit in the norms of science students.I was never hard working when it comes to studies.Last day memorising the subject and appearing for the exams.

Science was difficult a little bit more was difficult the mathematics portion of Science and that too CBSE with NCERT notebooks.

Science as I think today brought something great in me that commerce might not offer by any means.It made me thinking.It developed my reasoning skills and improve my Questioning skills.It helped me in my GMAT preparation as well down the lines.

What science offered me :

1)It made me Questioning 


I started questioning the things around me.Helps identifying the misleading.Question will help me and everyone in their life.That’s for sure.

2) Made me creative 


Yeah it happens I don’t know how,but certainly it does.Chemistry experiments are always creative,especially when you can get some sodium from your school lab.Sodium is a bomb in itself.

3) Broadening my Vision


It make you modest.You think yourself as tiniest part of this mega Universe.we are the smallest creation of the almighty.

4) Blindspots


You know that the god don’t exist in the temple.Religion is just commercialisation in the name of God.People Made it a Business.You start questioning about our own existence and god’s too.

5) You are with some Most Intellectual Mind


Abhinav I am talking about you and other fellows.You are awesome as always.You just nailed competitive exams with less preparation.Get a bow master.

6) Computer Savvy


Pritesh and Abhinav you just were awesome when it comes to Computer.We have many question papers before exams.Hopefully our teacher didn’t read this.It was your skill that brought happiness to every boy in the classroom.It was a part of fun too.

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