My Love for College Events


There may not be a single person who don’t like to go for some sort of parties,ritual ceremonies,wedding,birthday celebration,ring ceremonies,college events and grand Reception.

I LOVE to go for Parties and various celebration events.

But today it’s a page about College events.As I student of Atmiya Institute of Engineering and Technology Rajkot,I like to attend almost each and every program that my college organised.The major events of my college were Aatman for management department and Avsar for the students in the next building.As a science pass out there seems to have sense of connection with the science student and off course the event they organise (Avsar).I used to attend these events with full enthusiasm.I bring my friends forcefully to be with me.They feel ashamed of going into other department event the actual auditorium hall but I don’t care and I swiftly enter the auditorium making them enter as as well by leaving no other option for them.

No matter whose program it is,I will pop in to have a glimpse of it.

Even I have seen the robotics program organised by engineering students.Bit chaotic and comes with heavy noise.

You can say I have attended all the auditorium programs,except off course Empowerment of Women.Insane…!!

I was more than just a mere audience,we applause people who participate in such programs irrespective of the class,stream,field and even the college.Being with friends and shouting from the audience was one of the memorable experience of my college life.

In Aatman 2016,I recall that me and my friends including super juniors that were close to me took the first seats (on Floor) screaming like anything.We were warned by many teachers around the auditorium.But we were nonsensical for the event enjoyment.We starts hooting somewhere in between the performance when the anchor start speaking.Anchor was none other than my close friend so we shouted for him as well as we did for the people performing out there.

We stayed in the auditorium until we got exhausted.

We do all sort of illegal activities that was prohibited on regular days of academics.Starting from using mobile phone to sleeping in the staff room all the crazy stuff.This days are not going to come back.

I like the way Marwadi University Rajkot organise events as well ,the extent of freedom is lengthen a bit than my college.We spend whole day at marwadi University bunking our own lectures.The lighting and the fashion show they organise is ranked second in the town after SNK.

College days are so memorable that it feels like going back to college as students again.

I wrote this article just randomly as a thought came into my mind.

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