The Most Unpopular College Degree 

Masters in Applied Management – (MAM)…Lol..

I have done bachelor’s degree in business management program known as MAM- Masters in applied Management.

It is basically a integrated course where you are granted a bachelor degree in three years,if you continued till 5 years you will granted a master’s degree in Management.It will be equivalent to MBA.

This was and still is running in many institutions in Gujarat.The degree is affiliated to GTU.

It was only the second year of these Program where I enrolled in.It was a hit actually as more than 120 students along with me enrolled in the Program.

The journey started in the auditorium hall of Atmiya institute of technology and science,where students gathered for orientation program for BBA affiliated with Saurashtra University.Teachers on the stage started our brain washing by suggesting us to take admission in this program.More than 100 students opt for this program the very second year.
So our journey started like this.We students were under the department of MBA.So we got a Dean and a HOD who were leading the MBA program in the institute.

For the first week of the college all the teachers just asked for the introduction.All very nervous a bit.But happiness clicked us when girls were introducing themselves. 🙂

I think it was the plus point for us that being a bachelor degree student we got exposure to the teachers of Master degree program.It was indeed a good for all of us.

Most of the students were from GSEB,three were from CBSE-the KVians-I am one of them And Many were from ICSE Board -the snkians,saint paul’s. I Remember  more than half were from Dholakiya School.

Every student in their reasons for selecting this course was that it is Practical Based degree.TRUE LIES.:)

There was no uniform for us for a Semester.Uniform was decided after a semester.Although Students don’t wear.Even the gate keeper allows the M.A.M. Students without uniform and even Identity card.We took advantage of it.

And when the uniform came we condemn and ask for new design.Our Uniform changed after the second semester.We don’t need uniform we need drama at college everyday.Many teacher passed the lectures just to talk about the dramas going around.

When we meet other students in the Atmiya campus or outside they just ask What is M.A.M? We have hard time to explain him/her.They would definitely comment on our uniform and ask question about it.

Even When we say It is Integrated  Management Course,they would not grasp the idea of our degree.Even we were shocked when we got our degree the name of the degree entirely different from what was told when we enrolled.We got B.B.A Degree from GTU.I remember movie ‘FALTU’.

There were two class of M.A.M.Students started bunking and skipping in the first semester and By the second semester the classes were combined till we finished our studies.

Even These days people don’t know about the degree.Students of my stream now tell B.B.A And M.B.A whenever some asked them about their studies.

I got experienced that is unmatched by any other experiences.I hot many friends dearest as brothers.I got teachers who are ready to help anytime I needed.I got special memories which imprint right in the center of my heart.I am deeply indebt to all people whom I met in the college days,I want to thank you to one and all for making my college life memorable.

Lat but not the least,At the end of the course we go the degree slightly different from what we use to call it.;)

That is why I titled this degree as The Most Unpopular College Degree.

But whatsoever I enjoyed my college days.I have memories to cherish lifelong.

Thank You

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