No Journey Matches Gir Forest Adventure 

Everyone likes to be somewhat connected to nature,at least in holidays.

Last year in July I went with my 7 friends,3 of them married.

We were travelling in two different car.

I was in a car of bachelor’s.It’s an amazing to enjoy your own company when you are a bachelor.

Straight to my point,it was overcast condition on the way to sasan gir.

Steady rainfall was going on around,now and then with little showers.

I was not able to see any lion in the jungle and roadside.But I was lucky enough to see wild Buffalo and group of deers.

The peculiar thing about this journey was the atmosphere and the calmness that surrounds you in the heavenly jungle is quite,undescribable in words.

I can tell you it was mesmerizing feeling.

You get a sense that a heaven has been build on the earth.Your stress and anxiety disappear as you see the beauty and grace of God in form of natural environment.

Far from the city life,silent and pollution free environment makes you feel healthy.

Everyone living in the Gujarat must travel through this jungle once in a life.

You can experience what I had experienced in the gir.

So hope you plan your next journey in this awesome place in junagadh district,Gujarat.

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