Why Yeh Jawani hai Deewani is so Special 

1) Dream & Passion 


Source : Youth Connect

Ranbir kapoor’s character has shown mind blowing illustration about following something that you really desire for.You have to go alone leaving your Idiot friends.

2) Leaving Scene – YJHD

The most emotional scenes that gave goosebumps to all audiences when Ranbir kapoor talking with his heart out about how he feels to leave his current life and moving abroad for career,leaving his friends and family.It gave Goosebumps to almost all.


It really happens especially at night when you Miss your school Friends or college friends.It happens at night when any event or gathering is over.For me,When I know that My school friends are not with me in the same city and especially when my entire group is out somewhere out for building their career.

3) Hiding Emotions – YJHD


We all had the experience when you cannot express what you feel about a person.Deepika found a special person in her life but had to kept her emotions with herself even though that person changed her life entirely in few weeks.

4) Parents really Care


When Ranbir kapoor was leaving nation for abroad studies his dad went too sentimental.No matter what you do I’m Life parents will be there with you.They saved enough for your study and future dreams.

5) Friends are Important


Truly ask anyone What’s best part of their life,over 90 percent of people will tell that their school friends or college friends are the best part of their life.Only people that are not mean,they stayed with you in all ups and downs without any expectations.

6) Rise Above Friends


Friends are really important part of everyone’s life but you have to leave them and  move Ahead in life.

7) Addiction May Ruin one life

Yeh Jawaani Deewani Movie download free 01

Aditya Roy kapoor’s character tells you clearly addition will take all over your life and destroy you completely.It is not cool as picturized in many other movies.

8) No matter What,You have to settle one day


Regardless of your life choices you have to marry and Settle down in life at some point of life.

9) Friends Really Care


Aditi(kalki) care for aadi and Brings sandwiches for him.Bunny paid for Aadi’s poker game.Friends really care but don’t say as we get mature.

10) Love Yourself 


When you love Yourself the whole world starts loving you.Character of bunny displayed the same.

11) Thank you….You are awesome….

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