What’s Special About IPL

  1. You Got lots of Options & You can change it at any moment…:)IPL-1.jpg
  2. You can see SRK without Makeup…collagesrk-1024x655.jpg
  3. You can see Lots of Celebrities…IPL is Stardum..
  4. You can make Money from it…By choosing your Dream11…Today-Dream-11-Cricket-Prediction.png
  5. Its Flamboyant…VIVO-IPL-2017-Opening-Ceremony
  6. Even Ambanis’ Hold their Nerves…IMG_9878
  7.  Indian -Foreign Player Union…IMG_5081.jpg
  8. Friends Fight…
  9. Provides Employment to thousands..
  10. Saves country’s Fuel…(report says)
  11. Live Stars Performance
  12. A reason to fight over Remote Control…
  13. Great Platform for Youngsters
  14. Performers’ Ticket for the Indian Team 
  15. Best Earning opportunity 
  16. Big Winning Prize 
  17. Many Individual Prize 
  18. Cricket Becomes FanBase

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