What Cricket Taught Me ?

Every boy in India sometimes in their life dreamt of becoming a Cricketer.I was one of them.

My dad was very fond of cricket a decade ago when I was young,I assume that people will admire you if you became a cricketer.That was feeded into my mind in early childhood days.

After 10th I joined my professional cricket coaching camp in my city.I was used to season ball in few months of summer camp.I was an average cricketer.My defence was a thing to look for.

Things That Cricket Taught Me :


Cricket taught me You can win today and loose tomorrow.That is same with the life you win some time and sometimes it is not your day.

2. Humbleness

Cricket is a gentlemen game,yes your humbleness defines the way people treat you more than your performance of the game.As an average cricketer I was picked by the seniors just because I possess some humbleness.

If you are not able you will be thrown very soon.This is the reason WHY DHONI HAS MORE FANS THAN KOHLI,When both are good at their work.

3. Relationships are Important

What ? How can cricket teach you to become serious when it comes to make Realtion with the other person.Many a times coach will pick you to playing 11 because of your good relation with him.

Good IPL Relationship is a direct gateway to Indian Cricket Team.

4. Mental Attitude is more Important than Talent

Talent can be beaten by Mental Attitude easily.Dhoni hardly practise wicket-keeping,but still he is the fastest hand in the world.

We have many real life examples for that people just vanish after a stardom.



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