All you need to Know About Atmiya Institute Rajkot

This blog is to take you to the journey through the culture of My college -Atmiya Institute Of Technology & Science…

The culture in my college is vastly different from others institute in the city and nearby places.The institute is managed by one of the Swaminarayan communities headed by Shri HariPrasad Swami.When I joined this institution it was led by Tyagvallabh Swamiji the hierarchical preceding of HariPrasad Swamiji.

According to me,there was a positive vibes in the campus.It is my personal opinion.

Let me take through some of the important aspects of my college that I experienced.

1)Boys and Girls parking were Different 

Even my school have the same Parking for boys,girls school just opposite to Atmiya Central School Rajkot.

2) Uniform of Girls was Unique 

I don’t think so any institute have such a unique uniform for the girls.

Boys generally having no Tuck in & top button open seems awkward.For girls It looks sober atleast.

Exception was the uniform of the management studying Girls affiliated with GTU.

3)Best Library in the Saurashtra Region

Yes… Atmiya institute and technology and science Main building encapsulate the best library in the region.

Almost all books available and can facilitate the books demanded by the students and teachers.

We have watched a movie inside a small conference room which is within the library.

Thanks to Alpesh Joshi sir.

4) Attire for Female Teachers was Saree

We can see teachers in the library and the classroom wearing a white and yellow saree.

5) Morning Prayer 

Only few colleges have morning prayer before the Lectures.

Students Hardly attend this prayer as all have a habit of reaching late to the college.

6) Teachers should reach on time

The rule for teachers was different,they need to reach the institute before prayer starts.We can seen teachers rushing early in the morning.All need to scan their finger prints on the main entrance of the building.

7) Two Educational Buildings 

Two buildings namely Atmiya institute of technology & Science and N.M.Virani Building.

Atmiya institute of Technology and science’s Building have bigger classroom as compared to N.M.Virani Science College.

Atmiya institute was managed by Principal named as Acharya and N.M. Virani was managed by Principal called A.U.Patel.

Atmiya institute forms educational class for engineering,including Diploma and management students.Virani college facilitates education for science specific fields.

8) Mechanical Workshop plus Food Court

Live food is served and yes only for Gents

9) Playground 

Playground was used for boys parking.

People hardly played any sports except the department vise Sports day when the walking way becomes Parking.

10) Canteen 

A canteen where there was also segregation between Boys and Girls part.

You can each other and sometimes eat but cannot combine.

Always with crowd during the break time.Cold Coco was our favourite.

10) Mobile Phone Restrictions 

You can have a mobile phone you cannot use in the buildings.

11) Auditorium 

What an awesome place it is.Look at the Ambience in the auditorium – just Classy.

All the Management events are held in this auditorium.When crowd was large in number step auditorium was used to organise events like AATMAN,Fresher Party and AVSAR.

12) Segregation of Boys and Girls

Whole institute has the same rule.Boy and girls are separated either in class or if not in the classroom itself.

In Corridor you cannot talk with a girl when the so called discipline in charge people are on a round.

13) Lift 

Only for staff members,although few courageous and audacious students use it every day.

Now it is available for the student use as well.Enjoy.

14) Green Lawns

These lawns were for the purpose of appearance and attractive outlook.Students are not allowed to sit there,although few exceptional guys have their snacks over it.

15) Security Incharge

A man with moustache standing on the gate when students are entering the college in the morning.Sometimes you have to show your identity card to enter the college.

16) A day where Boys are Uniform & Girls in sarees

Typical called as Jaya Parvati Vrat,a custom in India.

This is special days for all…😂

17) Navaratri for Only Girls 

Organized every year just for the girls of the institutes.

18) Empowerment for Girls

A two or three day program for the Atmiya girls empowering,guiding and directing for life issues.

19) Cameraman Room

You can get your pictures of any Atmiya function from the camera man room in the main Building opposite Library.

20) Cameraman Rahul Bhai

One person from years in operation of capturing and storing the memories of Atmiya institute.His office is in Main Building opposite Library.Get your pictures just by telling the date of the event that took place.A sk for your pics only..😉

21) Universal Human Values 

Lectures for the teachers as well organized.It is considered as the premium program for the educators and the differentiator from many teachers’ perspective.

Thank you…

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