My College Friends Intro

One of my Bapu friend looks like arijit and Virat Kohli at the same time…Just a Matter of Grooming…

Nickname: Bapu


One of my friend just come to distribute the class and Teachers by trivial Arguments.

Nickname: Devji

-Devit Nandani
My Class Representative has a doctorate in Butter Polishing…He also knows the best Internet plan for you…

Nickname: Vaniyo

-Apurva shah
A friend of mine is Big Cannot Sachin Tendulkar that he Prepared his Business Management Presentation on Him.😂Indeed the best Atmiya Batsman.


-Deep Vachhani
My closest is a small Packet Big Blast…Chhota packet Bada Dhamaaka… Nowadays right hand of Vijay Rupani…Friday,saturday and Sunday he is unavailable…


-Samip Kothari
One of my classmates and a dear friend is blacksmith by profession and Druggist in his behaviour.And Off course a big-hearted guy.


One Bapu friend you can never meet in college but always in NightOut..


A friend in college and a father at the same time..



A guy who owns the college… Fighting with teacher,usimg lift and breaking the camera…😉


– Karan Dhami

A guy who writes the funniest things in the answer sheet…Modi says Welcome… welcome….😂

Nickname: Vishubha


Best singer in the town and college,I treat him like sand dunes and it is my way of expressing the Friendship.He sings awesomely.Partners in Crime… Eating snacks in ATM…😂

Nickname: Kaniyo


My favourite pick for mockery is off course Bava.I have used all abusive words that I Know to tease him.This guy became my junior to my super junior from bring classmate.😉


-Brijesh Joshi

Truly Professional Guy appears once in a semester..

Nickname: S.G.

Partners in Gossiping about teachers and imagining about the space travel and Fictional things..



My partner in Disturbing the class just to say loudly ‘Aav Bhai’s..


-Aakash Trivedi

Guy picked just for my nuisance and his nonsensical act… Darling 😃



Humblest guy in the class..

Nickname :Tejas

Our own shahid kapoor… Silent personality..



Front bench Comedian…Who makes all giggle around him..


-Meet ajmera

Big hearted & Without hatred…



Hardworking and sensitive…

Nickname: Kadvo


Stylist and appears during Exams..


Best actor in the class..My IPL partner…

-Karan sampat

Best actor and humorous at the same time… Mimicry of teachers and girls…My partner in Crime…

-Parth Sagar

And A guy look like Karan Johar..

Nickname: sasuma


Guest appearance…
-Meet Limbasiya & Amish sardhara

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  1. Vivek says:

    Wow…Reading your article I remember my friends and offcource the nicknames…
    I like reading your posts…

    Liked by 1 person

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