India is Awesome 

1) People are Happy

Regardless of any financial situation,people are indeed happy.This can happen only in India (Spiritual Nation).

2) Corruption Plus Point

If you have few bucks in your pocket you can drive without license.Bribing is necessary in many situations.We all are part of it.
(This is not to promote those without license)

3) Billionaire Don’t pay Tax

If you are an Indian you will know what I am talking off.It’s due to lack of penetration of legal authority due to Overpopulation.

4) Most Number of English Speakers

It is obvious just because of the Population.If don’t believe than Google it.
5) Easy & Reasonable Food

Yes.In India you can survive a day with just a dollar in your pocket.As we know India is agriculture rich Country this is the point to be proud of.
6) Cricket

Cricket is the game which gives Indian to forget all the problems in the country. Winning a major Cricket series is a great sense of relief for whole nation.
7) Free entertainment

Sometimes somewhere down the city you Will get free entertaining people.An auto driver driving crazily with playing full volume songs or an drunken guy makes you smile with his moves and words.
8) Pakistan

We feel happy when we know that we are better than than the neighbouring countries especially Pakistan.We dream of USA but compare ourselves with Pakistan.Look at with whom we are comparing.
9) Social Services

There are numerous social service provider in the nation in the field of education,healing,medicine,general help.This country has many genuine people who want to do something for the society without expectations of any fame and money in return.
10) Donation & Charity

I think this only happens in India because even the Poors’ donate and contribute when something is for the good cause of the society.A small amount is a Great contribution to the needy.
11) Relations

business-3167295_1920 (1).jpg

Although world is getting pulled by capitalism,bit Indian still show deep respect for the relationship irrespective of Financial background.Yes this happens.

12) Indian Wife


Believe it or not.India is the only country where the wife’s do not leave the husband for the rest of the life,and be there with the partner in all sort of circumstances.Bhartiya Naari Sab par Bhari.

13) Seasons

Only country where 6 seasons are experienced in the entire year.That is what speciality of Indian Environment.We have Snow fall in the north,heat in the West,rainfall in the north east,autumn in southeast and Kerala has combination of all.
14) Taj Mahal

One of the seven wonders in the world belongs to India.
15) Festival 

As India is multicultural nation,we have festivals spread all across the calendar Year.

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