Things that doesn’t change with Best Friends 

1) Fighting For Trivial 

We all do that.We just fight for My trivial things that really doesn’t matter at all.We fight sometimes for something like seat In the classroom,last pizza slice,for pen,pencil or a paper.
2) Asking for Party 

Irrespective of any sort of matter besties just ask for Party for things achieved or lost.Party for failing the exams,passing in the exams,getting a gf,getting a new phone,car etc.We becomes shameless when we become are with our Best friends.
3) Flattery

We just want a way to tease in any possible way.We just keep flattering them and take them to the sky in few seconds.
4) Teasing 

Teasing with the Crush’s name,enemy name and the name of the guys and guys whom you hate most.Calling your enemies your best friends.

5) Fighting for Food

Fighting for Last biscuit or the last slice of the Pizza.Sometimes you Fight for the last popcorn.

6) Calling Anytime 

Whether it’s 12 or 2’0 clock at night they are just nonsense and call you anytime.They are confident that you will answer the call.
7) First Words of Call

The first few words or sentences are best the creative use of abusive Words.Only you can hear these words not anyone else around you or your family members.

8) Your Secret 

Your secrets is the weapon they use to blackmail you.They get their work done using blackmailing process.
Thank You…

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