Who will Cry When You die ?

The heading of the article itself tells you the whole story.

This is also a title of one of the prominent author named Robin Sharma. I have not read this book,although the title is too appealing.

Once one of my teacher entered the classroom and told that we will do a book review of a book called who will cry when you die.

Unlike some other book reviews,sir asked all of us to cooperate with him.This lecture was delivered by Mr Pratik Paun.This was basically a meditation technique.Let me take you through the process in detail.

First thing one has to do as a part of this entire meditation technique is closing your eyes.Get rid of all cluttering thoughts. Then our sir start guiding us by these word ‘think as it’s your last day on this planet’.I was shocked as I never such words anywhere before.Sir then asked to visualize that you are meeting your friends for the last time and ask us to mentally tell whatever you feel about them.

What would you ask from them?

Will you remember an old fight or a memory from a prank you played together?

Secondly,after friend he speaks that you are meeting your teacher for the last time.What you would tell to your teacher’s and the time you spend with them in the school and college.Sir told to imagine that you have all authority to speak anything you wish to speak without any hesitation.

Will you argue with teacher for trivial issues?

Would you bully him/her for humanly mistakes that we all commit?

Will you ask for good or better grades?
Thirdly,it came to family members.Sir again speaks in soothing voice that you are meeting for the very last time to your siblings,grandparents and off course your parents,Mom and Dad.

What would you talk to your parents?

Will you fight with siblings for remote control?

Will you ask for anything from Your parents?

Will you blame your parents for anything?
After a while sir told us to open our eyes.

It was an extraordinary experience for all of us.Each and Every girl in the classroom was in tears.Few boys including me got some sentiments.

The central point of it is a deep rooted relationship lessons we all need to learn some day in our life.Earlier,the Better.

I hope you give it a try for 3 to 5 minutes,and I guarantee it will have a greater effect on your life.

This experiment got me thinking that who will cry When you die.I didn’t need to read this book as a fifteen minutes experience clear all the blury part that I expected from the book.

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